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Posted on Dec 16, 2011 at 7PM

Make your own coasters! 

I am beyond thrilled with how these coasters turned out. Because a) THEY ACTUALLY TURNED OUT RIGHT, b) they were super cheap. Super, super cheap. And c) they’re so pretty! and customizable! and easy! So here’s how ya make ‘em. Because I know you want to. :)

1) go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and get some 4x4 inch or so ceramic wall tiles. Mine were—get this— 16 cents. Yeah. Did I mention that they were cheap? Anyway. They are “biscuit” colored. In case you were wondering. 

2) Get out your favorite scrapbook paper. Cut out a square or whatever else you want—letters, shapes, etc etc etc. 

3) Mod Podge like there’s no tomorrow. First coat the back of your design, then adhere onto clean tile, then coat the whole tile. Let it dry. 

4) Cut out a square of felt and hot glue it on the back so that the tiles don’t scrape up anything. 

That’s it! There are so many ways you could customize these, it’s ridiculous. Make a set of four for a fabulous, (cheap :] ) Christmas gift! 

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